Mother’s Day: SWFL mom of 10 kids shows us a day in the life

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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If you haven’t gotten mom a gift for the coming Mother’s Day weekend, now is the time to do so.

We spoke to a mother of 10 children who told us what it’s like to be a mom Friday.

“Tate, Titus, Tobias, Tucker, Tessa, Theresa, Trudy, Tildy, Truman and Tensley,” said. “That was nice the whole like I can’t remember.”

Tennille Hansen has 10 children.

“It’s really is an all-day event,” Hansen said. “I really like being around them, clearly.”

But what’s it really like?

Hansen called to her children to tell them to take it easy, and kids could be heard screaming.

“So it’s kind of like that,” Hansen said.

But when they’re not yelling, the kids are helping out around the house and tending to their mini-farm.

“There’s always something to be doing,” Hansen said.

“We milk goats in the morning and feed the chickens,” Hansen said.

But Hansen gets 10 times the love on Mother’s Day. She says, usually, it’s relaxing, and it’s done her way.

“It’s the one day of the year where I tell people this is the project I want done, and I don’t want anybody complaining,” Hansen said. “Whatever the project, I have in mind they can’t tell me, ‘No.’ So that’s how we do Mother’s Day.”

And her third oldest child, Tobias, will be there to gladly help. According to him, she’s super mom.

“Oh, she’s a very hard worker,” Tobias said. “Every day, she’s up and working and cooking and cleaning.”

And Tessa knows just how good she really has it.

“When I was little, I always thought she was a lot different than other moms,” Tessa said. “But I realize that I have it a lot better than a lot of other kids … Most kids, they don’t even see their mom half of the day, and I see her all day.”

Hansen’s favorite part of being a mom?

“You see something growing and becoming their own person and you get to influence and be a part of that,” Hansen said. “And, you know, that’s pretty neat.”

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