Charlotte County school district has success keeping COVID-19 out of schools

Reporter: Erika Jackson Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Charlotte County Public Schools has had success keeping the coronavirus out of schools.

Amy Gonzales, a Vineland Elementary School parent, had a change of heart since the start of school.

“The girls are so happy,” said Gonzales in Rotonda West. “They are absolutely thriving. They are so glad to be back.”

We interviewed Gonzales about her daughters last month before they started virtual school. Now, they’ve traded their desktop computers for classroom desks.

“The numbers have gone down,” Gonzales said. “And the school has everything under control. I was really comfortable with how they are handling coronavirus.”

in fact, Charlotte County Public Schools has not reported a COVID-19 case in nine days, with 10 total positive cases since the school year began Aug. 31.

Lee County has reported 46 cases but also has more than three times the number of students than CCPS.

But Collier County has two times the amount of Charlotte’s students and seven times the amount of Charlotte’s cases.

“We all know as parents what happens when somebody gets sick,” said Jerry Beard in Deep Creek. “Everyone gets it.”

Ten cases are still too high for Beard and plans to keep his kids in virtual school.

“I can’t put them into a situation where they could catch something deadly, bring it to us or bring it to others,” Beard said.

Gonzales doesn’t want that to happen either, so she makes sure her kids take precautions at home, and at school.

“Just be careful and taught them to be careful,” Gonzales said.


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