Woman will spend Christmas with husband on life support due to COVID-19

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Many people chose to stay apart this Christmas, but some families didn’t have a choice. A baby is about to go through another first without her father. He’s fighting for his life this Christmas because of COVID-19.

We told you about Val Guerrero and his family in Fort Myers during the Thanksgiving holiday week. He could not be with his family then due to COVID-19, and his condition has not improved. Val was flown to Orlando for more treatment because of his condition.

Val’s wife, Erica Guerrero, will get to see him on Christmas and spend time with him, time they have not shared in weeks. She last saw him at the end of November before he was taken for further treatment out of town.

While he’s still in a medically-induced coma and on life support, she’s excited to once again be by his side.

“It’s just it’s still a bit shocking because we’ve been hopeful,” Erica said.

It’s approaching two months since their daughter last got to see dad.

“Every now and then, I still cry,” Erica said. “But we have a five-month-old baby, so I’ve been trying to keep it together, really, for the baby.”

Erica says her husband is no longer testing positive for COVID-19, but the effects of the virus are still threatening his life.

“It was two days ago when the doctor told me that he might not make it through the night,” Erica said.

He did, but Erica says Val has remained on life support. She says some of his internal organs are failing, and necrosis is setting in.

That’s why Erica’s visit with Val on Christmas is important.

“It’s going to be really sad, and I hate seeing him that way,” Val said. “But at the same time, it’s important that, you know, I get to talk to him. I believe he can hear us.”

Because of visitor restrictions and health concerns, the Guerrero’s daughter won’t be able to see her father on Christmas.

“I did some recordings of the baby laughing, giggling, so I would like him to hear that,” Erica said.

Val’s wife doesn’t wish this on anyone. Instead, Erica hopes others take it as a wakeup call.

“I would just really want to tell everyone to, you know, practice precautionary measures at all times,” Erica said.

Erica and her husband’s family are driving to Orlando on Christmas. She says the hospital is only allowing one visitor per day, so they’ll spend three days there, so his sister and father can also be with him.

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