Phorid Flies infiltrating South Gulf Cove

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phorid flies
Credit: WINK News

A fly infestation is coming from drains in a neighborhood. A viewer reached out to WINK News to see if it was happening to others.

Those in South Gulf Cove describe these as unwanted and even disgusting neighbors.

Gloria Dumas-Ropp lives in South Gulf Cove. “It’s in the coffeemaker isn’t that unbelievable?” Dumas-Ropp said.

And, as you can see, they’re making a home for themselves in the most unwelcoming of places.

Roger Risley lives there, too. “You see them flying into the food,” Risley said.

Risley moved to South Gulf Cove for the beauty and the wildlife, not for Hump-Backed Phorid Flies.

“I’ve tried to implement a number of different strategies, from the vinegar and detergent to electric shock for the bugs,” Risley said.

Roger Risely says “probably 1000s” of flies have made it into his home in about the last six weeks or so. He sees them flying around.

Gloria Dumas-Ropp is dealing with the same unwanted pets, of sorts. She’s had to close off their entryway. “the drain here is close. Every single thing I have in here is closed and they’re still getting in,” Dumas-Ropp said.

They’re coming up with creative solutions. “There’s a fan built-in that sucks them in. This is since yesterday,” Risley said.

The fix to their problem is pricey. “We put over $300 worth of enzyme cleaner, baking soda and vinegar and hot water down the drains,” said Dumas-Ropp.

The Florida Department of Health says the flies aren’t dangerous, just a nuisance for residents.

“I’d like to see the county more involved and see if they can give us some answers,” Risley said.

They just want to be able to eat their food and drink their coffee in peace.

Charlotte County sent biologists to the area twice this month. They say flies breed in freshwater and decaying liquids. The county is out spraying South Gulf Cove for mosquitoes which will also kill the flies.

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