Accidental call to 911 causes big stink in DeSoto County

Reporter: Erika Jackson Writer: Jackie Winchester
Stinky the miniature horse (Credit: WINK News)

A miniature horse named Stinky caused a big commotion recently when he accidentally called 911 in DeSoto County – and deputies responded.

Despite his name, Stinky smells fine; it’s his attitude that stinks.

“He just escapes everything. He’s really smart. Like he’s gotten out of all the gates, he gets out of his stall,” said Katt Coombes, Stinky’s owner.

She does her best to keep his tail in line, but they had a rough day Tuesday when she was trying to help him deal with the pain from a lack of blood flow to his hooves.

“Now he’s foundered, and his feet are in really bad shape.”

Coombes installed a baby monitor app on a smartphone to keep a close eye on Stinky in the barn, and then the camera suddenly went dark.

“At 10, the cops are rolling in with the spotlights and horns blowing and I didn’t know what was going on,” Coombes said.

“Sure enough, Stinky had tipped over the mount. He spent 33 seconds on the phone with 911 and then hung up on them.”

Coombes hopes Stinky learns to “hold his horses” before pulling such a stunt again.

“I took his phone away. I haven’t put it back out here because I’m just, I don’t want it to happen again.”

Coombes said the responding corporal was good-natured about the accidental emergency call.

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