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Rising COVID-19 cases means personal changes and store changes

Reporter: Michael Hudak
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COVID-19 is on the rise quickly surging thanks to the omicron variant.

With a surge in cases, comes a surge in people rethinking their own health and safety and what they’ll do to protect themselves and others.

That could mean wearing masks, getting vaccinated or asking others to do the same.

At a Walmart in Lee County, Gail Hill noticed shoppers wearing masks more.

More fast food places are closing indoor dining and turning to grab-and-go options.

Publix, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Walgreens all have mask mandates for all employees but for customers, they get to decide their protocol.

“I personally don’t wear a mask. But, I’m fine,” Hill said.

At Starbucks, on Fowler Street and Colonial Boulevard, its cafe seating area was closed but their drive-thru and a mobile order pickup outside remained open. Other stories in the area, however, were still seating inside.

Starbucks will soon require all employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly against COVID-19.

But for Liz Schiv, all of the changing protocols is too much.

“I’m old,” Schiv said. “The good Lord is going to take me whether I wear a mask or not.”

The Supreme Court will decide whether the Biden vaccine mandate is legal. Starbucks is planning to follow it if the high court allows it.

None of the other businesses mentioned returned requests for comments on vaccine rules.