Neighbors speaking out over 2-year construction closure of Cape Coral Yacht Club

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Cape yacht club
New Cape yacht club renderings

Cape Coral neighbors are speaking out against a massive project at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. For now, that project is being delayed.

But, people in Cape Coral say they are worried about the two-year closure needed for construction. The length of time is only one of their concerns, as others include being charged for parking and wanting the project to be completed in phases.

Renderings for the new Cape Coral Yacht Club community project include an expanded beach area, new paid parking garages, updated restrooms and a new seawall, among other things.

While some residents agree the improvements are necessary, others have their reservations. Barb Byrnes lives in Cape Coral part-time. “When we were looking at this, and we had all of this stuff put in here months ago, or years ago, nothing was said about closing the Yacht Club for two years,” Byrnes said.

“Now, they want to close it for two years. And I don’t feel that the residents should have to deal with that,” said Byrnes.

Byrnes was just one of the many residents who lined up to express displeasure at Monday’s town hall meeting. “Put it in phases and allow it to be done. And keep 70% of the club open for the residents,” said Byrnes.

Cape Coral resident Jim Carr says his concern is that he’ll be kicked out of the marina for two whole years. Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter had something to say about that. “There are almost 100 boats in this place to have to be relocated, and there are zero slips available around. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a place to go. But most of my friends do not. And nothing was taken into consideration about that,” said Mayor Gunter.

Mayor Gunter told WINK news that resident concerns are being written down, so they’ll be addressed at a later date.

“I think what we need to try to do is what can we do to mitigate some of the things that may happen as a result of the construction of the project,” Mayor gunter said. “And I think that’s what we’ll try to do to minimize as much as we can as far as the impacts that we’ll have with the community during the construction.”

Construction on the Cape Coral Yacht Club is currently on hold. Mayor Gunter says they’re waiting on required federal and state permits. When it comes to said permits, Gunter says they did look at the possibility of doing the project in phases, but there wasn’t enough room.

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