MLB cancels opening day as Players Association rejects ‘best and final offer’

Writer: Drew Hill
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MLB baseballs
MLB baseballs

Days and days of negotiations, and Major League Baseball handing players its “best and final offer,” we don’t have a deal. Now, some regular season games are on the chopping block.

Each baseball club won’t play its first two regular season series. So schedules are being updated to reflect the changes. This comes after a week of intense talks hit a wall.

Major League Baseball’s opening day has been canceled. And now regular season games are being pushed back.

Rob Manfred is the MLB Commissioner. “The calendar dictates that we are not going to be able to play the first two series of the regular season, and those games are officially canceled,” Manfred said.

Negotiations failed in the 11th hour after the players union rejected MLB’s last offer.

But, Major League Baseball’s commissioner still aims to reach an agreement soon. “We are prepared to continue negotiations. We’ve been informed that the MLBPA is headed back to New York, meaning that no agreement is possible until at least Thursday,” said Manfred.

Businesses that sit near stadiums and rely on the traffic and income from those stadiums want the players and the league to reach an agreement as well. Rich Netzel owns a Best Western Palm Beach Lakes. “If it doesn’t happen, then the stadiums, the teams, the areas around the stadium they are going to hurt,” said Netzel.

Of course, the fans are possibly the most upset out of everyone. Mike Magar is one of those fans. “We need baseball. Both sides are making so much money,” said Magar.

For now, spring training is not ultimately canceled. There won’t be games any earlier than Mar. 12.

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