Cape Coral community fed up with neighbor’s bird noise-making machine

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bird noise-making machine

A Cape Coral community is fed up with one of their neighbor’s bird noise-making machine.

Other cities have rules regulating these machines and Cape Coral has an ordinance for noise control.

But, is the noise in question socially acceptable based on the decibel level?

WINK News measured the decibel level. But neighbors say they don’t care what any meter says they want the sound to stop.

Dan Decourcy, a resident on Congo Court said, “it’s like a screaming animal getting destroyed and pulled apart.”

Jill Treadway, a resident on Congo Court said “squawking squealing, obnoxious bird sounds.”

Treadway has had it with this noise. She’s had to deal with it for close to two years.

She said the sound is coming from a home across her canal. Because it’s so bad, she no longer enjoys sitting outside on her lanai.

“I can’t stand the noise try to relax on your lanai and read a book it’s just I mean you go to bed at night the sounds are in your head. It drives a person crazy.” Treadway said.

Terrance Schaul, the man who owns the home said he has the noise-making machine to keep woodpeckers and blackbirds from pecking styrofoam from his home.

And he said when he learned the sound was upsetting his neighbors he turned it down.

When the machine noise level was tested it came back in the socially acceptable range.

“They did turn it down a little bit but it’s still there,” Treadway said.

Neighbors just want the machine gone.

“I can’t imagine if everyone in the neighborhood starts putting these obnoxious noise machines up so I’m hoping we can get rid of it,” Treadway said.

“It’s aggravating. I wish he’d just shut it off, it’d be the neighborly thing to do,” Decourcy said.

Schaul said the machine has sensors so it only sounds off during daylight hours. He also said the machine is an environmentally friendly way to keep birds away.

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