Destruction in Tice after Hurricane Ian

Yvona Dobson (CREDIT: WINK News)

Walls and floors ripped out, windows gone and water and mold damage.

That is what is left of one Tice woman’s home following Hurricane Ian’s destruction.

Yvona Dobson finished remodeling right before the powerful storm hit Southwest Florida.

Dobson moved to the area a year ago after braving Chicago’s cold and escaping political turmoil in Czechoslovakia.

“I always loved Florida, palm trees, water,” Dobson said.

She’s never dealt with anything like Hurricane Ian.

The water in her home reached 6 feet.

“It was all the way to the (second floor) lanai,” she said.

Yet water and the wind were not the worst part.

“There is a train rack, right? Yes. The Mystery Train. All the beams, like beams, they were that thick and like 20 feet long, flew here, I show you the pictures, and pierced the whole house,” Dobson said.

Dobson, who is also fighting lung cancer, can’t breathe on the second floor of her home.

“It’s not good,” she said. “I already was in the hospital because I passed out because of that more than stress and you know, anxiety, then they have to call the ambulance. I totally stopped breathing.”

Dobson continues to fight for her pets and her new found friends.

“Actually the storm, one positive thing, put people together and I never ever had so many friends like now. You know, like it’s so cool. Because one year, I didn’t meet anybody. I was here alone with my husband. But now I have so many friends,” she said.

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