Blue-green algae continue spreading in canals connected to Caloosahatchee

Reporter: Claire Galt
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For another day, there are more areas of blue-green algae in Southwest Florida.

The Florida Department of Health in Lee County issued another round of algae alerts Thursday.

They are for four new canals off the Caloosahatchee at the North Fort Myers and Cape Coral lines.

Boaters in North Fort Myers told WINK News the Paradise Marina has not felt much like paradise lately. Green nasty gunk is showing up along with a smell in the air.

Boaters have said it’s been bad the past few days.

The Florida Department of Health is cautioning people to beware of blue-green algae blooms in the Caloosahatchee River, end of Canal Circle, Whitecap Circle Dock, Coral Point Drive and the end of Southeast 13th Avenue.

Ron Kelly lives on Paradise Marina, which opens to the Caloosahatchee.

“It’s definitely an irritant. You can feel it in your throat,” Kelly said. “It gives a funk.”

The blue-green algae are keeping the fish away, he said.

“We usually get manatees and the dolphins, but when it’s around, they don’t come,” Kelly said. “It’s like an old, dirty gym sock. You can’t get rid of it.”

Once it gets into the boat, the smell spreads through the air conditioning, Kelly said.

Kelly said he is leaving.

“First Key West, then the Bahamas, then wherever the wind blows,” Kelly said.

Meanwhile, Theodore Krol loves the algae.

“I stink, you know. I haven’t taken a shower in three days,” Krol said. “I think we’re related, me and the algae.”

WINK News took a water sample to the FGCU Water School where Dr. Bary Rosen tested the water.

He confirmed there is something in the water.

“You see how each little piece looks like it’s got holes in it? That’s the characteristic,” Rosen said. “It has a high potential for making toxins.”

If anyone would ingest it, they would be exposed to those toxins.

The Health Department warns people not to swim, drink, boat or get in waters when you see a bloom.

It could make you or your pet sick.

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