16-foot-long python caught by first-timers in Big Cypress Swamp

Reporter: Taylor Wirtz Writer: Rachel Murphy
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The 16-foot-long python CREDIT WINK News

It takes two to tango. Two brothers who went python hunting for the first time caught a 16-foot-long python in Big Cypress Swamp.

“It was just so powerful and so muscular that it was wrapping all around trees, and they were just trying to pull it in. It was going this way he was trying to pull it this way. There were two other guys on it. And it was still putting up such a big fight,” Brendan Cronin said.

Brendan told WINK News that the two had always wanted to try their hand at python hunting. They ventured out into Big Cypress Swamp with their dad, their uncle and the Glades Boys to give it a go.

Wrestling the python CREDIT WINK News

Brendan said he was bitten by one of the smaller snakes that they caught, but he said he’d do it again. And he’s going to on Thursday.

“It just kind of got its teeth in there and that felt like a bunch of pricks like just a bunch of needles,” Brendan said. “It’s just that Florida man thing.”

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