Family on vacation rescued from Israel

Reporter: Taylor Wirtz Writer: Matias Abril
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A family that was vacationing in Israel has finally made it home.

Allison Zur, from Miami, was enjoying a two-week vacation to Israel with her husband Ron and their two children Paz and Noam when Hamas attacked the country.

“We came on Monday. By Saturday, the war broke out,” Allison said.

She said the terror is impossible to describe.

“Those sirens, I tried to be really strong for my kids, but when you hear that alarm, somebody is literally aiming to kill your children,” Allison said.

Allison said relatives of hostages she knows are getting horrific videos from their captors.

“I can’t imagine seeing a text from your child’s phone thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, maybe they were OK,’ and then getting a video of a violent rape and torture happening. It’s just unbelievable,” Allison said.

Fortunately, Allison and her family were able to flee the country on the Project Dynamo flight that landed in Tampa Sunday night.

She’s eternally grateful to have arrived home safe.

Project Dynamo founder and CEO Bryan Stern praised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for having the state fund these flights.

With President Biden on his way to the Holy Land, Stern hopes more politicians will continue the show of support.

“That’s a real big show of force with the commander in chief of the entire United States shows up and says, ‘We’re here, we’re in it. Don’t mess around too much, or you’re gonna get slapped around a little bit. Israel is our friend. We stand by our friends,'” Stern said.

Project Dynamo said it is hearing from many more Americans needing help getting out of Israel. The group is hoping to organize more flights as soon as possible. It’s also looking for volunteers and donations to make that happen.

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