Assembly Required robotics team building a winner on a global scale

Author: Zach Oliveri
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Assembly Required is not only building robots, but a dynasty as well. Based at the Edison Ford Estates in Fort Myers, Assembly Required is a FIRST LEGO League robotics team that’s gearing up for another competition season. The goal is a third straight appearance in the World Championships.

“All the knowledge we gained and the trophies mean a lot to me because they’re our legacy,” Leah Chung, the team’s captain, said.

“I always joke that this team is like the Edison ford football team,” Edison Ford Estates Education Manager Pearce Augstenborg said.

Because they’re in the FIRST Lego League, the team’s robot Edibot, which is short for Edison Robot, is made out of Legos.

“You have a piece for everything that’s at your disposal,” Chung said.

Edibot is already a winner with lots a trophies and medals. In April, the team won the Core Values Award at the World Championships in Houston.

“I was Core Values Captain at it,” Eyan Daito said. “So what I’ve been saying this year is you guys are talking to the best core values Captain in the world.”

Like any team, practice makes perfect. A single mistake can make a big difference.

“Because sometimes people are leaning on the table,” Assembly Required Team Manager Katie Feren explained. “Just a simple thing like that can mess it up.”

“It’s all about working well together,’ Augustenborg said. “And you know we can teach technical skills. But it’s really just putting in the dedication.”

“It’s just so satisfying,” Chung said. “Getting to see that robot and like complete the task every single time. after all that frustration and all that stress.”

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