Jury deliberating in Wade Wilson’s double murder trial

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Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson. Credit WINK News

The fate of Wade Wilson, who is accused of killing two Cape Coral women, now lies in the hands of the jury.

During closing arguments, Wilson’s defense team said the 2019 murders of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz were not pre-mediated, hoping for a second-degree murder sentence.

The defense team argued that Wilson was under the influence of drugs at the time, which impacted his decision-making.

In a final attempt to save Wilson from a death penalty sentence, the defense called for the jury to consider whether the act was a pre-meditated or depraved murder.

The state attorney argued that with the evidence compiled, Wilson’s actions were indeed pre-meditated, and the use of drugs bore no impact on his actions.

“This was pre-meditative all day long. The defendant’s attitude towards these women is despicable. he bragged about death with Dad after. No regret. No remorse. He replaced the name Kristine’s mother gave her at birth with an [expletive]. ‘I killed a [expletive]. I choked that [expletive] out. Three days later, he is still bragging about law enforcement. My biggest concern is that he can get a burger and fries. While Diane Ruiz is in an unrecognizable field getting scavenged, this guy over here wants french fries, and he is bragging about Diane Ruiz, who looks like spaghetti.”

During the second day of testimony, the defense called for a mistrial after body camera footage was used as evidence in the case, claiming that the words of a police officer may have prejudiced the jury.

After the motion was filed, the judge decided to take a 10-minute recess, where afterward, the motion was decided.

Another surprising turn in the trial came from Wilson’s father, who said his son not only confessed to the crimes in detail but also bragged about them.

“He said I’m a killer—there are two people gone who are not coming back,” said Wilson’s biological father, Steven Testasecca. “He said that he pulled her out of the car and realized she was still breathing. He said he got back in the car and ran her over until she looked like spaghetti.”

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