State, defense rest cases in Wade Wilson’s double murder trial

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The trial for accused double murderer Wade Wilson is moving along quicker than expected, as both the state and defense have rested their cases on the second day of testimony.

Jury deliberations could begin as early as Wednesday following closing arguments when the trial is expected to resume.

The defense called no witnesses to the stand during the trial, nor did they have an opening statement.

During the second day of testimony, the defense had only called for a mistrial after police body camera footage was shown.

According to the defense, an officer’s comment while the footage was being shown may have influenced the jury unfairly.

After the motion was filed, the judge decided to take a ten-minute recess.

After the recess concluded, the judge denied the motion.

One surprising witness took the stand Tuesday: Wilson’s father, who said his son not only confessed to the crimes in detail but also bragged about them.

“He said I’m a killer … there are two people gone, who are not coming back,” said Wilson’s biological father, Steven Testasecca. “He said that he pulled her out of the car and realized she was still breathing … He said he got back in the car and ran her over until she looked like spaghetti.”

Not only did Wilson go into gruesome detail with his father about these crimes, he said he didn’t believe anyone would find the second victim’s body.

The state asked Wilson’s dad about his demeanor on this confession call.

“He was excited … I felt like he was wanting to make me feel how he felt about it,” said Testasecca.

His father went on to confirm Wilson seemed proud of his actions and showed no kind of remorse.

Wilson made multiple calls to his dad, who said he wanted to help his son at first, but after that last call, he knew he had to turn him over to law enforcement after he felt “he would have done it again.”

On Monday, opening statements were made by the prosecution, as they went into a lengthy opening speech detailing the evidence accumulated against Wilson in connection to the victims Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz following the 2019 killings.

Surprisingly, the defense reserved their right to speak.

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