OSHA takes over investigation of deadly tire explosion at Firestone

Reporter: Amy Galo
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The investigation into a deadly explosion inside a garage at a Firestone is out of the hands of local law enforcement, as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has taken over.

One man died at Firestone Complete Auto Care on Skyline Boulevard and Veterans Parkway in Cape Coral due to a tire explosion Sunday afternoon.

The investigation is in the hands of OSHA, because it’s considered a workplace incident.

OSHA’s investigation could answer some key questions, one being how did the explosion happen. Another key question would be, were there any violations or hazards.

Cape Coral police, along with caution tape, surrounded the Firestone on Sunday after the explosion killed an employee.

Tires from Firestone. CREDIT: WINK News

“It had me a little bit concerned, and yes, I also saw the police tape being put up. One of my people in the garden mentioned that they heard someone screaming,” said a person who wanted to remain anonymous.

He described what it was like hearing the explosion from the neighboring Home Depot.

“They probably thought they heard thunder, so they probably didn’t look too much into it until they saw multiple police cars and the ambulance coming around,” said the anonymous man.

The investigation has since been passed along to OSHA, which should come up with some key answers to unanswered questions.

“It’s been heartbreaking. Honestly, no, no one really deserves to die by the by these kind of like things,” said the anonymous man.

Firestone is not sharing the employee’s name out of respect for his family, and because of the active investigation, OSHA isn’t either.

While the caution tape has come down, the store is only open to those who need to pick up their cars. Otherwise, it remains closed.

A whole parking lot separates the Firestone and the Home Depot, which gives perspective to the explosion’s sound.

The location will be closed until further notice.

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