Father of victim of convicted killer Ethan Cartwright speaks out

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Ethan Cartwright was convicted in the murder of his girlfriend and girlfriend’s mother, and now his victim’s father is speaking out.

Nov. 4, 2021, the day Remy Fleury’s world came crashing down.

“I lost my life also. Since that happened, I have been in a big trauma,” he said.

That morning, deputies went to the San Carlos Park neighborhood to find the bodies of Anne Murielle Fleury and her mother Jeanne Pierre Charles Andre.

Both women were shot and killed by 33-year-old Ethan Cartwright, Anne’s boyfriend and the father of her two kids.

san carlos park shooting victims
Jeanne Pierre Charles Andre, left and Anne Mureille Fleury, right

“Everybody in the family has, has been traumatized,” said Fleury.

Fleury is the father of Anne, and despite the guilty verdict, it does nothing to bring back his only child.

“Oh, for me, I cannot cope,” he said. “I am waiting. I’m waiting for my death. Because not only Ethan put me in a situation to die, but the government did the same by taking my grandkids from me.”

His grandchildren, Aidan and Joy, witnessed their dad murder their mom and grandmother.

Fleury said they are now in foster care despite his best efforts to adopt them as his own.

“The death of Jeanne Pierre and Anne Mureille is a crime, but everything that comes after are crime in the crimes,” said Fleury.

A “crime in the crimes” he calls it, the ripple effect of trauma tearing through his family all because of one man’s actions.

Now, he’s focused on getting his family’s message out to others before Cartwright’s sentencing.

“That’s the only way I think I could have justice. I cannot fight myself. Yes, as I am the victim now. There will always always be victims,” he said.

Cartwright will be sentenced on Aug. 12.

He faces 25 years or up to life in prison.

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