New details released on the timeline of Barry Schmalbach’s disappearance

Reporter: Haley Zarcone Writer: Elyssa Morataya
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It’s been nearly a year since Barry Schmalbach vanished in Cape Coral. On Tuesday, police released a mountain of evidence against Christopher Davis.

72 pages – mapping out the timeline of when Barry Schmalbach was last seen to when his boyfriend and accused killer, Christopher Davis, was arrested.

On July 19, a neighbor saw the couple walking through Schmalbach’s apartment building. Later that night, they went for drinks at Cruisers.

There, a bartender says he overheard a “Heated discussion” by the couple before they left.

At 8:21, Barry left this voicemail for his best friend, Miguel Blanco:

“Yes, hey it’s me. Give me a call. I need your help. I need to get rid of this [expletive] idiot because I can’t take it anymore.”

A final text is sent 9 minutes later.

A neighbor then says she hears “Someone getting tossed around”, crying” and “A muffled voice” from their condo.

At 9:21, Davis searches “Walmart near me” on his phone. Surveillance video showed a man fitting his description buying a heavy-duty tarp and two rolls of duct tape.

Schmalbach’s jeep was parked in that parking lot.

The following day, Davis used Schmalbach’s credit card for the first time, and his jeep was pinged in multiple spots through Lee County.

Around 4 a.m. on July 21, a neighbor heard what sounded like a tarp being dragged downstairs. He looked outside and saw Davis dragging something.

Schmalbach’s jeep then leaves Beach Parkway.

Later that day, Davis checks into an Airbnb in Hendry County under his brother’s name and buys a pick-axe and shovel.

On July 22, Davis throws that same pick-axe and shovel into a dumpster in Cape Coral

That night, Schmalbach’s best friend Miguel Blanco reported him missing, and four days later, CCPD announced their search for him.

This report says that based on what they’ve gathered, it’s possible that Schmalbach had been dead since July 19.

Davis was served this warrant in August, and earlier this month, he pleaded not guilty to killing his boyfriend.

Davis is expected to be back in court next month.

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