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Project Dentists Care gives out smiles to low-income families

A dentist hopes to help you make ends meet while getting a little healthier. Dr. William Truax, D.D.S., president of Project Dentists Care, works with families in poverty to try and turn their lives around by giving them a free smile. Project Dentists Care is funded through the United Way, the Florida Department of Health-Lee […]

Teledentistry – the new type of dental appointment

Dentists agree that making sure you visit regularly is important. But making an in-person appointment during the pandemic could put your health at risk. Dentists’ offices are a place where droplets thrive. So, when the coronavirus pandemic first hit, offices across the United States closed. Now, with more personal protective equipment, temperature checks, and very strict […]

Mercury in dental fillings could be getting into water supply, harming environment

An ingredient used in dental fillings could be harming our environment! Dental amalgam contains mercury and officials say possible high levels of it are getting into our water supplies. Sixteen years ago, Amanda Just discovered what was really going on inside her mouth. “I felt upset for other people that might be having a similar […]