5K fights bullying in Collier County

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COLLER COUNTY – For nearly 10 weeks, over 100 girls in Collier County have been getting ready to race.

“We’re going to run a 5K, and we have all these cool outfits,” said Kate Urbancic. She’s in 5th grade and a member of Girls on the Run.

The event is part of the inaugural Reindeer 5K hosted by Girls on the Run.

Savannah Baker, also in the 5th grade added, “We learn about community and how you can be comfortable in your own skin.”

The organization works with these young woman to teach them how to stand up to bullying, fight back against peer pressure, and to be proud of who they are.

“There are a lot of pressures and stresses that I don’t remember when I was a child,” said Heather Milner.

Milner is the President of Girls on the Run in Collier County.

“They’re dealing with social media, they’re dealing with body image, like we said gossiping and bullying,” said Milner.

The girls follow a weekly curriculum. They examine their core values, learn about their strengths, and learn how to stand up for other young women.

Gianna Kwiatkowski, also a member of Girls on the Run, said “If I’ve been bullied, I can tell people how I feel about the situation.”

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