Doctors warn parents of Triple C overdoses

Author: Nicole Papageorge

NORTH NAPLES, Fla.- WINK News takes an in-depth look at an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine that can prove deadly in the wrong hands.

Last week, four children were taken to the hospital after taking dozens of Triple C pills.

“There’s unintended side effects when they’re used in ways that they’re not intended for,” said Dr. Jeff Panozzo, Chair of Emergency Medicine at NCH.

Dr. Panozzo also sits on the board for Drug Free Collier.  He tells WINK News, the hospital is seeing more and more cases of young people overdosing on Triple C.

“The drug causes a PCP effect,” said Dr. Panozzo.  “Dissociative experience, hallucinations.”

Triple C stands for Coricidin HBP, Cough and Cold.

The four children who took dozens of pills were staying at Collier County’s Center for Homeless and Abused Children, Youth Haven. They were treated at North Collier Hospital and doctors say, they will be okay.

Dr. Panozzo says the substance parents need to look out for is called Dextromethoraphan, or DXM.  It’s sold in more than 100 OTC medications. According to Dr. Panozzo, when taken properly, the medicine is safe. But, when it’s not, the effects can be tragic.

“They can have seizures, severe hypertension, heart irregularities, and then even death,” said Dr. Panozzo.

Drug Free Collier recommends parents talking with and educating their children on the severe risks of drug abuse, even in OTC

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