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Fitness Friday – Super Bowl Sunday Fit Tips

Super Bowl parties, whether you’re a football fan or not, are a great way to socialize with friends over food and drinks, but that doesn’t mean you have to disregard any of your health and fitness goals this weekend. Don’t throw all of your hard work away by pigging out on bad-for-you foods while watching the big game! If you’re going to a Super Bowl party Sunday, Wink News Fitness Expert Mike Drumm is here to help you stay on track and don’t derail your diet!

The average American watching the Super Bowl on Sunday will consume 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks alone, which is the entire daily calorie allowance for some people! So how do you watch your weight and enjoy the day without blowing all of the hard work?

“PASS” on Big Portions

A quarter of all Americans who watch the game will be picking up takeout food or having it delivered. Many more will be turning their own kitchens into small factories that produce tempting, king-size platters of chicken wings, juicy hamburgers, and nachos dripping with cheese. You can’t control how many of your friends will be bringing their famous spinach dip, but you can save a few calories by bringing a healthier treat. I recommend selecting fresh fruit, vegetables, and baked chips or popcorn. If the party’s at your house, offer entrees such as meatless chili or chicken strips. If you fall off the wagon, just climb back on!


The biggest exercise on Super Bowl Sunday is from hand to mouth. Get up, stand up, move around! For some, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch while moving. Sitting for all those hours just isn’t healthy, so take a few TV breaks for a stretching session (just make sure you aren’t distracting die-hard TV watchers in the process!) Be active for the rest of the day, make time for a workout before the game. Go to the gym to ensure you’re combating your couch time with something healthy and active.

“INTERCEPT” Fatty Snacks and “TACKLE” Cravings

Fattening snacks like buffalo wings, potato skins, and chips (and don’t forget beer!) make Super Bowl parties a challenge when you’re dieting. Put buffalo wings out of arm’s reach. They’re always cooked with the skin on, but you can slash fat and calories by baking instead of frying. Last year, Super Bowl Sunday was the biggest pizza day of the year! At last year’s Super Bowl, if you had consumed an average serving of each of the snack foods and beverages advertised during the game itself, you would have ingested at least 925 calories from first quarter to last as well as 38 grams of fat and 890 milligrams of sodium — from chips to beer to candy bars.

Take an alcohol “TIMEOUT”

It’s a huge day for beer, the second biggest beer day after July 4th alternate with water: All the celebrating can make you more than tipsy, it can pack on the pounds! Whether you’re a cocktail, wine, or beer lover, limit the imbibing by alternating each drink with a tall glass of water. Drinking water regularly will help keep you mindful of just how many alcoholic beverages you’re having and help you stay hydrated (no hangover here!)

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