Concerns over dangerous intersection reignite after 3rd deadly crash

Author: Adam Wright
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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Concerns over a dangerous intersection are resurfacing following a man’s death.

Police say David King died after plunging into the canal near Surfside Boulevard and Beach Parkway Thursday afternoon.

Authorities say King was going at least 70 mph down Beach Parkway when he drove through the stop sign and hit a utility pole before careening down into the water.

It’s unknown why he was driving so fast, but it marks at least the third death at the intersection over the past few years.

John Matthews remembers September 22, 2012 all too well. It was the day 24-year-old Alexie Krill died after crashing into the canal at the same intersection.

“We saw the skid marks where Alexie went in the water, we didn’t know her name then but I asked the lady to call police and I told them I thought there was a car out there… very sad situation,” said Matthews.

Now, the day after a man lost his life in almost the same way, at the same intersection, Matthews says it’s time to do something.

“Probably flashing lights and a barricade would keep cars from going in,” said Matthews.

Krill’s family pushed city leaders to add guardrails to the intersection after death, but the City Council chose not to spend the $300,000 it would cost.

However, the city made several minor additions to the intersection in 2013. More lighting, refelctors, signage and rumble strips were added. Still, many say it’s not enough.

City Councilman Jim Burch, a member of the transportation committee, says Thursday’s crash will undoubtedly bring the discussion back to the forefront. But, he also says adding guardrails is unlikely.

“Time and time again we’ve tried to implement as many things as we can to make that intersection visible, and it is pretty visible. The only thing I can think of left really that would be a possibility or even wise to do is maybe to put some kind of lit, lighted reflectors or light warning signs up there,” said Burch.

Burch says if someone is speeding and slams into a guardrail, that can be just as deadly.

The city says it cannot engineer all of its roadways to protect against the countless situations drivers find themselves in.

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