Marco Island voters collect enough signatures to stop law

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MARCO ISLAND, Fla.- Taking a stand against local government. Voters on Marco Island collected enough signatures to stop a local law they don’t like.

The law would have charged property owners who are renting out their property $150 a year. Around $75 would go to register the renter and their car. The other $75 would be for safety inspections.

“It’s an absolute overreach of government,” said Richard Shanahan, president of the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce.

City leaders said the ordinance would help with problem renters who make too much noise, throw late night parties, park illegally and throw trash everywhere.

“We have all of the tools necessary to be able to take care of the situation with ordinances we already have on the books,” said Shanahan.

Shanahan helped collect more than 1,500 signatures for a petition against the ordinance.

The Marco Island City Council may amend or repeal the law, or let voters decide what to do in a referendum. City Council’s next meeting is on July 20.

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