NPD: Counterfeit money circulating in Naples

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NAPLES, Fla. – Counterfeit money has circulated within the city within the past week.

Over the weekend, a 7-Eleven almost fell victim to the fake money.

“This one was really obvious that it was a copy. And the clerk, just after a few seconds, discovered that,” said Captain John Barkley with the Naples Police Department.

He says a clerk at the 7-Eleven on U.S. 41 and 9th Street North got suspicious after a man bought a pack of cigarettes using a fake $20 bill.

“Eventually you’re going to be caught,” said Capt. Barkley.

The fake money at the 7-Eleven is the third report of counterfeit bills showing up in Naples within a week.

The other two incidents happened at Coastland Center Mall. Police say someone traded in 16 counterfeit $20 bills in exchange for larger bills at a cell phone kiosk. In the second incident, a Forever 21 employee accepted fake $50 bills.

“It’s disappointing.”

The news concerns business owner Becki Norris. She owns Shady & Katie, a clothing boutique, just one block from the 7-Eleven.

“I think merchants work very hard at what they do and to be robbed in anyway, especially that way, is disgraceful, sad,” said Norris.

Norris tells WINK News she does the best she can to spot counterfeit money.

“We try to use the marking pens that differentiate counterfeit money from real money and really try not to get too busy and pay attention to what you’re doing and what people are saying to you and what they want.”

Capt. Barkley said business owners should always be on the lookout. He said it’s strange to see fake money now compared to tourist season.

“A lot of times the stores are busier then and it might even be easier to pass this money on at that time of year when everyone is really busy.”

Right now, police do not think the counterfeit cases are related.

They have not made any arrests.

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