Real Estate Matters: When is time to fire your agent?

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FORT MYERS Fla. – Finding just the right home to buy is a team sport, meaning there has to be good chemistry between the buyer and their real estate agent. But what if that chemistry no longer exists?

When is the right time to fire your agent? Here to shed some light on this is WINK’s real estate expert Denny Grimes.

Sign #1: Missing in action

Calls, texts and emails aren’t being returned quickly and requests to see a new listing are begrudgingly met three days later. The bottom line is that the best homes sell quickly, so you need an agent who acts with speed and a sense of urgency.

Sign #2: High-pressure tactics

This is a little tricky, because there’s a difference between telling the truth and high pressure. In this market, telling the buyer “if you want this home you will have to act quickly,” may be the truth. However, it becomes High Pressure when the agent pushes the buyer rather than just informing him

Sign #3: They’re not listening

Showing homes out of your price range or homes that don’t meet the criteria that you set forth is a waste of time. If that happens, it’s time to move on

Sign #4: They’re too obedient

Buyers know they have a good agent when the agent will question them and is not afraid to say no. I turn down a buyer’s request if I feel it will put them in a bad situation and if the buyer persists, I will suggest we end our relationship.

Sign #5: They make decisions for you

This usually comes up in the negotiation process. Your agent should never sign for you, agree on terms of a contract, etc. There are plenty of agents, so if any of these five things persist, pause your home shopping and shop for a new agent.

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