Dog shot and killed in Naples Park after man says he feared for his life

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NAPLES, Fla.- A dog is dead after a man says he shot the animal in self-defense.

The man killed the dog Wednesday night around 9 p.m. on 95th Avenue North in Naples Park. He called 911 and told deputies on scene the dog was going to attack him and his dog, so he shot it.

911 Operator: “Ok, are you injured sir?”

Caller: “No, but the dog was attacking me and I had to shoot it.”

911 Operator: “Ok, and you’re not injured? You don’t need an ambulance?”

Caller: “No I don’t. The dog is dead though.”

The shooter was the only one around when it happened. Neighbors came out when the shot was fired and saw the American bulldog. He was covered in blood with a gun shot to the head.

His name was Bruno he lived a few doors down. His owner, Jason Seltz, says he got out. “This is the result of Bruno getting shot,” said Seltz as he motioned to a grave in his front yard.

The description of the dog’s behavior was on opposite ends of the spectrum. Some neighbors called Bruno sweet while others said he was aggressive and had attacked prior to his death.

“The fact that it attacked a dog down the street shows it had tendencies,” said neighbor James Tedesco. “If your dog was in the house, we wouldn’t have this conversation. A responsible dog owner looks out for his dog.”

Seltz says Bruno was a rescue only 1 1/2 years old. He had to be put down due to his injuries.

“He’s a rambunctious, goofy and happy dog,” said Seltz. “The guy shot him point blank in the head just because he is trigger happy. There is no reason for that. I wanted to kill him.”

The man who shot the dog did have the proper concealed carry permit. Collier Domestic Animal Services is looking into the dog’s death.

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