Refugees could enter U.S. through loophole in newly passed House Bill

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A security showdown is underway in Congress. The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to pass a bill which would significantly limit Syrian refugees from coming to America, but some could still end up on the streets of Florida.

Though President Barack Obama has already threatened to veto the bill, he can choose to take advantage of a loophole in the bill.

Under the new bill passed, no Syrian or Iraqi refugees would be admitted to the U.S. until they undergo what’s being described as the most strict screening process even for refugee fleeing a war-torn country. But according to a political science professor at Florida Southwestern State College, the bill has a catch.

The president can choose to exploit a legal loophole and admit refugees into America through a process called parole. Paroled refugees can be admitted into the country for a short period of time because of urgent humanitarian reasons.

“The bill doesn’t address that loophole, so even if all of this stuff happens and the Congress overrides the president’s veto, the president can turn around and parole refugees in anyway,” said Professor Weir. “The bill that was passed, is not necessarily a really good bill.”

Local Islamic leaders weighed in on the vote, Thursday. Khalid Bajwa, president of the Islamic Center of Southwest Florida says this isn’t the first time America has accepted refugees. He says there’s already an adequate system in place to handle incoming refugees that doesn’t discriminate against Muslims.

“The system should be clean and clear and everybody no matter where their origin is, or what their religion is, it’s a male or a female, the standard should be set once and for all and in this case it doesn’t look like it’s happening like that,” said Bajwa.

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