Collier County gun dealer reacts to Obama’s gun control plans

Reporter: Jennifer Jones
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NAPLES, Fla.- President Barack Obama is taking executive action to target gun violence, citing mass shootings like Sandy Hook as a reason to take action, but some people are convinced his plans won’t work.

“The fact is, we have a lot of very comprehensive gun laws,” said Jeff Coryell, owner of Firearms Farm. “As a firearms dealer, I understand the rules and we follow the rules explicitly so that we can actually do it correctly, this also includes background checks.”

Coryell says it’s clear politicians aren’t keeping up with all that information.

“The politicians, I think, are very misinformed as to even the own procedures that are already there and that is really troubling and frustrating to see and I think our commander in chief is probably one of them.”

Coryell adds that he thinks President Obama’s gun safety reform was very vague and he’s not sure how some of his ideas will be implemented.

Others believe more regulations won’t make the country safer.

“I think there’s a lot of laws in place right now that are working fine,” said Rick Petty. “It’s the person that’s pulling the trigger, it’s not the gun.”

“If you want a gun to kill someone, or do something out of control, you can get a gun anywhere. You can buy it online, you can buy a machine gun online,” said Bob Ehrhardt.

Coryell says one problem lies with private gun sales where no background check is needed. He’s encouraging people selling a gun to go to a gun store and pay for their own background check on the buyer.

“Because you don’t know who you may be selling to. You know for $25, isn’t a little piece of mind worth it?”

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