Collier County man handcuffed for nude mailbox trips

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GOLDEN GATE, Fla. – At one moment he was running a mundane errand. At the next, Frank Dagostino found himself in handcuffs.

Dagostino’s neighbors weren’t pleased with him picking up his postage in the nude — full frontal, they said.

“I just think its a misunderstanding,” Dagostino said before police arrived. “I feel terrible.”

Yes, he did he make early morning trips to his mailbox naked, Dagostino admits. He just didn’t think anyone was awake to notice.

“It was black and apparently someone might have seen me. It was like cold and kind of refreshing and it was dark, you know, so maybe a car passed,” he said.

Neighbors said Dagostino’s mailbox nudity has been routine for the past three years. But Dagostino, a 30-year resident at his street in Golden Gate, said no one addressed him.

“I wish they had contacted me personally and said ‘Hey what’s going on? I would of said ‘OK, sorry about that.’ I didn’t mean anything by it,” Dagostino said.

A call was made to deputies Tuesday after school children saw Dagostino. He said he’s putting an end to his debauchery and that he understands his neighbors’ concerns.

It looked like Dagostino may have been headed to jail, but neighbors decided not to press charges and he was released.

“Sorry for all the commotion,” he said.

A person naked either inside or outside their home could be looking at charges if people see him or her. The nudity related charges are exposure of a sexual organ or lewd and lacivious behavior, if it is determined that there was intent.

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