The end of the line?

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Could the “end of the line” be coming in retail stores?

When you’re at a dog wash shampooing a dirty pooch, covered in water like Kayd Roy and Murphy, the last thing you want to do is wait in line to pay

Instead employees bring iPads connected to credit card swipers right to customers. Kayd pays, then she and Murphy are out the door.

“As a millennial super tech savvy, I actually expect really easy payment from stores,” Roy said.

“Customers love to see that we have iPads everywhere. That we actually do this, I think it makes you look cooler… hipper,” said dog wash owner Keith Miller.

Experts say from your local dog wash to national retail chains, the paying without a traditional cash register checkout line is getting more popular.

“It’s really a new world of payments based on all that technology can do,” said Jason Oxman, with the Electronic Transactions Association.

New payment systems have been created like the new Google “Hands Free.” You download the app and upload your picture, initials and credit card info.

The store connects to your phone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or using location services.

The cashier verifies your picture, your initials and the tab is paid; you never have to take out your wallet.

“It creates a real opportunity for retailers and their customers using mobile technology to streamline the process of shopping,” Oxman said.

If you’re concerned about phone credit card security, Oxman says retailers install secure Wi-Fi systems and reminds shoppers “using your credit or debit account, you have 100 percent protection if anything goes wrong, zero liability for fraud.”

Kayd says she doesn’t fear fraudsters and loves the new high tech systems.

“It makes the process so much easier,” Roy said.

Oxman says with some of the new systems which make it easier to pay, retailers are finding some customers are even buying more.

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