Cape Coral man gets ‘spoofed’ by scammer

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Erik Dattwyler had his phone number “spoofed” by an unknown scammer and people were returning calls he didn’t make.

“They would say ‘Oh, I would see that it’s your call on my Caller ID,” Dattwyler said. “I kind of figured out after a while that people were spoofing my number.”

Victims told Dattwyler they got voicemails from his phone number and the number that showed up on their phones was his web business’s number.

“It’s an annoyance for me and I’m sure for the people getting the phone calls,” Dattwyler said. “But I’m not going to change my number over it.”

The Florida Anti-Spoofing law was overturned in 2009 so it’s not illegal to spoof a phone number. Since Dattwyler isn’t getting defrauded, there’s nothing he can do.

“I have to tell them that it’s not me making the call,” Dattwyler said. “Maybe it’s lucky they didn’t pick up that call and they’re dealing with me instead of the person that’s threatening people.”

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