Traps set to relocate family of bears invading Naples neighborhood

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A community in Naples fears for their safety—as wildlife officials rush to trap bears showing up in the community.

They were spotted multiple times, right across the street from Gulf Coast High School. They have been seen rummaging through trash cans and knocking them over.

One resident in the area says she’s even afraid to walk around at night because of the bears.

“I’m just hoping they relocate them because I do feel bad. It’s a little family,” said Amanda Guadagno.

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The family of bears is a family of four, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. There is one mother bear and three babies.

One of the bears injured Guadagno’s neighbor, Andrew Meunier, Tuesday night.

“It felt like somebody punched me. I mean, I didn’t feel cuts or anything but it wasn’t until I got back inside that I felt water in my face or something, looked down and saw blood all over,” Meunier said.

Now a trap outside of Meunier’s apartment hopes to lure in the bears with food. In the meantime, the FWC asks the public to keep their distance from the cage, so the smell of human odor doesn’t overpower the snacks.

The FWC also says to secure and keep and eye on your trash.

“Watch your trash, make sure you’re picking it up. I know it’s hard because these trash cans don’t have little locks or anything but maybe lock them up or we’ve been told to put ammonia on them,” a spokesperson said.


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