Passengers told “Brace” during emergency landing

Author: Lexi Sutter / CNN
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Credit: Passenger Steve Ramsthel via CNN

Passengers on a Mesa Airlines flight, operated by American Airlines, had a scary landing in Dallas Wednesday.

After smoke came from the cockpit, they were instructed to brace for a rough landing.

One passenger recorded the entire thing on his cell phone.

Passenger Steve Ramsthel recalled the event, “It wasn’t overwhelming but you could smell it and it was like whoa.”

When passenger and a commercial certified pilot himself, Steve Ramsthel, heard the rattled flight attendant come over the PA system, he pulled out his phone and he started recording.


He wasn’t sure if he’d make it through the next five minutes.

“There were some people crossing themselves. The adrenaline was high and I think everybody, they just cooperated. It was pretty amazing to be honest with you,” Ramsthel said.

Though the landing was rough, no one was hurt.

Many feeling scared … Shocked… But safe.

Airline officials say a faulty fan on the airplane caused the problem.

The flight was booked through American Airlines.

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