Hendry County launches new safety reporting website

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The Hendry County School District is using a new web tool to keep an eye on safety threats this year.

The website has been in the works since the Parkland school shooting.

Parents and students now have access to a website that allows them to report anything that could put students at risk, and parents are calling it a breakthrough.

“You think of Sandy Hook, and you think if that can happen in a little town then that can happen anywhere, “said Kim Marroquinn.

Marroquinn is a mother of four and protecting her kids is her number-one job, but it comes with challenges.

“My kids don’t want to come to me because they’re like, “Mom, you’re gonna say something and then my friends are going to be embarrassed or whatever,'” said Marroquinn.

The fear of speaking out was a consideration in designing this new safety reporting tool. HendrySafe.Org

Students can use it and parents can report concerns as well.

The goal is: “See it, say it, stop it.”

“Even as a cheer-leading coach, I see things that parents may not see. I hear them talking about things and I can go on there and say this is going on just check into it,” said Marroquinn.

It’s simple to use and specific enough for the school to get all the information they need.

“In a situation where there is something really dangerous going on, usually more than one person knows that and someone will step up and be brave and do the right thing,” said Lucinda Kelley with Hendry County schools.

The school district says all responses remain confidential, not anonymous. The website will be bookmarked on all student devices in schools throughout the county.

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