Best back-to-school apps to help keep kids organized

Reporter: Corey Lazar
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Photo: WINK News

Now that kids are in class, it’s time to keep them organized on a schedule at home.

If they have a tablet or a smartphone, there are many ways to make their device work for them instead of against them.

“They are on them, not doing their homework and not learning anything from these apps they are on,” said Missy George who fights with how much her two children use their electronic devices.

“They are linked to this unfortunately,” she says.

And now that her nine-year-old and seven-year-old boys are back in elementary school, the tablets and phones can be a big distraction.

“They are getting off their schedules, they are not able to stay on a routine.”

But there are some handy tools that can make those devices work in your kid’s favor.

There are hundreds of apps to choose from to help your child stay organized for school on the app store.

Type in “student homework” and programs like The Homework App and My Homework Student Planner and Class Timetable will pop up.

These apps are designed to keep track of class assignments, send homework reminders and stay organized with class projects.

How about a to-do list to stay on track? Wudnerlist, Any-do and Omni Focus are just a few that allow you to create different color-coded lists to stay organized.

And for household chores and allowances, there’s an app for that!

Our Home, Homey, and Chore Monster are great tools for divvying chores between kids, and keeping track of allowance you owe them.

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