Hooded thieves caught on camera in Gateway

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Thieves are targeting open car doors, and their actions are caught on camera.  

On Friday night, the recorded thieves are suspected of stealing a resident’s car from Gateway community.  

At Gateway, there are electric gates, video cameras and a security guard. But, the problem is there is a large hole in the fence that surrounds the community about 20-feet wide. It is easy for someone to walk in and out of the neighborhood and completely bypass security protocol.  

That’s what Nathaniel Labelle believes happened early this morning.  

Three men were recorded from Labelle’s home security camera, walked around the side of his house where the hole is and then got into his car, rummaged around and then moved onto do the same thing to houses down the street. The thieves stole a car right from someone’s driveway. Now, Labelle wants to raise awareness. 

“To raise awareness enough to say, hey lock your doors; lock your things up; make sure your valuables are put away; make sure your front doors are locked,” Labelle said. “Be aware of the big opening gaps in our community and hopefully can get those things closed.” 

Fort Myers Police Department said over the last few weeks, seven cars have been stolen. That’s a break-in more than every other day. This has prompted FMPD to send a warning.

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