Cape Coral charter school steps up security measures


A charter school in Cape Coral has vamped up security measures in order to keep students safe at all times.

Parents whose students attend Christa McAullife Charter Elementary were originally displeased with the security measures that were taking place, calling them too extreme, but now are on board with the changes.

“At first, I wasn’t really happy about it because I don’t think the school should look like a prison or be operated like one,” said Bobby Miniaci.

Areas that used to be open for any one to enter are now blocked off by gates out in front of the school.

“Visitors now can’t just walk through the breezeway they have to go into our front office, show proper ID so that gives us an understanding of who’s on campus and why they’re here,” said Principal Kevin Brown.

The charter school also worked with law enforcement to make several other improvements including new surveillance system.

The Superintendent at Cape Coral Charter schools also said they updated security cameras at all campuses, and added similar gates to several schools.

Within the next month, guard station will be on campus at the high school entrance.


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