Artificial reefs designed to mimic mangroves installed off Fort Myers Beach

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Artificial reefs in Fort Myers

Scientist on Fort Myers Beach have found the location they want to install 50 new artificial reefs that mimic mangrove roots.

The reefs are made of plastic and are installed to help clean up canals, by collecting algae and red tide cells while naturally filtering 30,000 gallons of water per day.

The president of Ocean Habitats says the artificial reefs boost oxygen levels in the surrounding water.

“Oysters, muscles, seasquirts…they attach to the unit, that’s where they will live and all they do, 24 hours a day is eat algae, red tide…that’s there food source. So when we say they filter 30,000 gallons of water per day…that’s what they are doing eating and expelling clean water,” said David Wolff.

The reefs are already showing positive results in areas where they have been tested out.

Susan and Steve Wojciechowski,who live in Cape Coral had them installed when they started notice an algae build up in their canal.

“Just in the four weeks, I’m starting to notice small fish hanging around that we didn’t see before,” said Susan.

“The number of dead fish, that’s going to take years to replenish and anything we can do to help improve the water quality, cause that’s what we all moved to Florida for, we want to be able to enjoy being out on the boat, on the water,” said Steven.

The couple hopes that Fort Myers Beach will be clean all this summer, now that FMB is installing the artificial reefs.

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