What will slow me down when I am cleaning?

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Woman cleans a counter. (WINK News photo)
Woman cleans a counter. (WINK News photo)

Are you spending too much time cleaning?

If so, then you might be doing it all wrong. Here are three things that may be slowing you down.

Keeping cleaning organization

Start off strong by being organized. Every time you have to stop and get something from another room or to put something away, you are wasting precious time.

Pop ups distract cleaning

Do not confuse housekeeping with house cleaning. It is imperative to stay focused and finish what you started.

“They might go in and have good intentions to clean and clean it quickly,” said Michelle Spitzer, MaidPro of SWFL owner. “But then they find themselves getting stuck in a drawer and organizing.”

Avoid spreading dirt

The last speed bump impeding cleaning efforts is to avoid spreading the dirt.

Our expert said a vacuum can also spread dirt if it is not on the right setting. The high power used on a carpet will do the opposite on surfaces like tile.

“Feather duster just spreads the dirt around, not actually remove the dirt or dust,” Spitzer said. “I recommend a microfiber cloth so, it actually grabs the dirt and dust.”

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