Survive the Summer: Budgeting tips for summer vacation

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WINK News is helping you survive the summer by budgeting your money to save for that summer vacation.

WINK News anchor, Kirstin Delgado talked to travel expert to get tips to help you save money.

If you plan on skipping the long road trip and prefer to travel by air, there are a few tips to help you get tickets at the best price.

“I’ve heard the best time to buy airfare is two weeks on the Tuesday before you want to go,” said Peter Greenberg, who is CBS News travel editor.

If you are traveling abroad, but have no specific destination, try picking a place that has a great exchange rate.

“A cab ride in Argentina from the airport is about 4 and a half dollars. I mean think about that. What’s the cab drive where you are? It ain’t $4 and half…So these are the things you take into account when you travel. You follow the U.S. dollar to where it’s the most powerful,” said Greenberg.

With airfare purchased, the next expense is which hotel you will stay in. Greenberg recommends putting down the computer and calling by phone to try and get the best deals.

“Questions like can my kids stay free? Can they eat free? Will you throw in free parking? Will you get rid of that dreaded resort fee? Will you throw in free WiFi? All of those things add up so you may be seduced by the rate and then you get sticker shock when you check out cause you didn’t ask those questions,” said Greenberg.

A lot of people are not sure whether they should purchase travel insurance. Greenberg says it depens on how much yo pay for a ticket.

“If you’re buying a $59 ticket on Southwest airlines, don’t buy the insurance, if you’re buying a $5000 dollar cruise, you do want to buy the insurance but not from the travel provider themselves buy It from a third party,” Greenberg said.

These are just a few tips for cheaper travel. If you would like to calculate how to budget a cheap vacation, you can view the budget calculator here.




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