Naples Fire-Rescue plan to minimize firefighter carcinogens exposure

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Less than a month after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law providing critical benefits to firefighters with cancer, fire departments are also doing more in prevention and protection for their own.

At the Naples City Council Monday morning, Naples Fire-Rescue Dept. presented a plan to help further minimize exposure to carcinogens for firefighters.

The plan calls for a diesel exhaust capture system, which would amount to a filter being attached to every fire truck. It captures carcinogens from exhaust fumes before they are spewed into the air.

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They have said the system would protect firefighters and the environment. The department also plans to update its portable breathing devices firefighters use to minimize exposure they face at a hazmat scene, for instance.

“By having an additional set of gear for every firefighter that is online,” said Corey Adamski, Naples Fire Rescue Dept. battalion chief, “they can come back, take their gear they just used on a call out of service to launder it and then put their second set of gear in service so that there is no downtime.”

Naples Fire-Rescue and other fire departments across Southwest Florida already start decontamination efforts on the scene to help remove some carcinogens right away. These additional safety purchases, if approved by the city, would take effect Oct. 1.

“It’s more safe for the public,” Adamski said, “it’s more safe for our firefighters.”

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