Cape police says teen crime rising but average for summer

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School is out, and Cape Coral Police Department says teen crime is on the rise but within in the norm for this time of year. We have seen several car break-ins, including two cases where law enforcement guns have been stolen. Just this week, a family says teens shot pellets through their truck, narrowly missing the driver’s head.

Most recently, Cape Coral Yacht Club was hit with spray paint . It’s the last place locals said they would expect to find vandalism, and they believe teenagers are behind the mischief.

“It’s devastating. I mean we come here, and its a family-oriented beach,” Dee Bell said. “And then somebody has to come and vandalize and take away that safety.”

CCPD said there is typically a spike in teen-related crimes this time of year heading into summer vacation for many. And at the top of the list with these types of crimes are car burglaries.

“We do see more juvenile-related crime during the summer months,”CCPD Lt. Allan Kolak said. “And that’s due to the fact that kids are out of course, without having to go to school, parents still working; therefore, they have more time.”

A fresh coat of paint now covers a pavilion the yacht club that was covered in graffiti a few days ago.

”Why destroy something so beautiful?” Bell said. “That’s just really uncalled for.”


With the recent uptick in teen-related crimes, Martin Shuey said the young people accused of committing them should know better.

“They aren’t really children,” Shey said. “At 16, they’re very close to an adult. Put them in jail.”

But CCPD said the influx is no more than the average amount seen in the area every summer.

CCPD said it’s doing its best to take care of teen crime this summer. Currently, more than 20 school resource officers the police department hired are helping with youth intervention programs with the goal to keep kids out of trouble.

”Our SROS are doing a great job going out there and helping out with the juveniles,” Kolak said. “They’re also doing checks for those who are on probation”



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