Cape Coral homeowner relieved ‘gunk’ in canal is non-toxic

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Cape Coral homeowner Randy Combs says some small clumps showed up in his southeast Cape canal a few days ago.

His first thought?

“It looks like the sewer line just dumped out right here,” he said.

Thinking he had raw sewage floating in his canal, he called us.

On the surface, the clumps look dark; but underwater, they’re green and jelly-like.

Not knowing the answer, we took a sample to the experts at FCGU’s water school.

Doctors James Douglass and Serge Thomas checked out the green sample and told us it is blue-green algae, but it’s not toxic that they’re aware of.

“We took a closer look at the algae sample you left, and we can confirm that it IS a species of cyanobacteria,” said Douglass. “We still don’t know what species it is, but we know it is not the microcystis aeruginosa that caused the big blooms last summer- it is a different type.”
Douglass said the fact that it was growing in such an abundance suggests that there is an excess of nutrients in the water.

That’s a relief for this Cape Coral homeowner.

“It’s like I don’t want to put up with this crap,” said Combs, laughing.

Experts say all the rain recently could be a reason why people along this canal are seeing the algae.

They’re not quite sure when it will clear up, but it’s not toxic algae from what they can tell.

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