Gas stations going empty amid prep for Hurricane Dorian

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Although there is still uncertainty of the path of Hurricane Dorian, many gas stations in Southwest Florida and statewide are going empty. And people are waiting in long lines to fill up their tanks. Some people aren’t worried, but others we spoke to said it’s not worth taking a chance.

Stacey Nixon isn’t wasting any time Thursday. She’s filling up her car tank and getting ready for whatever Dorian brings to Southwest Florida.

“Rather be safe than sorry,” Nixon said.

Nixon is not alone. Many people are at stations across Southwest Florida filling their cars with gas.

“I’m leaving,” Nixon said. “It’s a cat four, so I’m getting out.”

Anyone who pulled the Chevron gas station on Orange River Road in Buckingham either had to pay premium or continue to look for another place to fill the tank, since the station sold out of regular.

And at other gas stations, people continue to play the waiting game.

Leann Smith said she learned from Hurricane Irma.

“Not taking any chances,” Smith said. “No. No. I’m going. I’m leaving.”

Karl Meter is still being patient with the storm’s track.

“I’m a believer,” Meter said. “It’s still quite a bit a ways away, and it’s still over on the east coast versus here.”

Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for the entire state. He also addressed fuel concerns, which became a big issue after Irma in 2017.

“This executive order allows more of that fuel to come,” DeSantis said. “It also allows us to mobilize the national guard.”

A spokesperson for AAA told us Southwest Florida’s fuel is well supplied and said there may be concerns with gas levels if ports are closed or damaged during Dorian. As for the station, they’re expecting delivery soon.


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