Better Business Bureau reports great cable deals could be a scam

Writer: Derrick Shaw
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Better Business Bureau reports scammers are going after people and pretending to be from their cable provider.

BBB says scammers are offering people reduced rates on their cable bill, but the only way to get in on the deal is to pay for a few months of service in advance.

The scammers won’t take credit card information or bank account information. Instead, they are reportedly asking for prepaid debit cards.

How to Avoid this Cable Impersonator Scam

  • Be cautious when answering unsolicited calls or emails. Legitimate companies that you already do business with may call you, but they won’t pressure you to pay in a new way.
  • If someone shows up at your doorstep, verify their identity. If you weren’t expecting a visit, ask the person for their ID and then call your cable company to verify that they are an employee
  • When in doubt, verify special deals with your cable company. If you are unsure about a promotional offer you’ve been presented with, get the customer service number from your cable company’s official website or your latest bill. Call the company directly to make sure the offer is real
  • Never make payments with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers. Scammers prefer these payment methods because there is nothing you can do to get your money back. Unlike debit or credit cards, successful wire transfers and prepaid cards can’t be contested later. Remember, legitimate companies almost always accept checks and credit cards as the primary means of payment

For more information, see the full BBB news release. Anyone who has been a victim of a similar scam can report it at the BBB scam tracker page.

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