Good Samaritan searches for owners of missing Christmas tree

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson
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Man looking for family who lost Christmas tree on Cape Coral Bridge. (WINK News)

Does this tree look familiar to you?

One man says it came flying off someone’s car roof and somehow wasn’t damaged.

Now, he wants to make sure that family has a happy holiday, with the tree they picked out.

Anthony Stango wasn’t planning on taking home a Christmas tree on his way home from work.

“It’s a Fraser pine and it’s $125,” he said.

But now, the mission of finding the family it belongs to is growing inside his heart.

“Look! It’s going to get a perfect star!”

He says this tree flew off a car on the Cape Coral Bridge.

(WINK News)

“I saw it tumbling down the road on the bridge and I stopped to decide, to stop and move it,” he said. “It was making cars swerve because obviously, it was in the way.”

Stango says after he got back into his van he felt the need to turn around.

I thought mom and dad and the kids all piled in the car going out for a Christmas tree and then getting home, looking up and going, ‘Oh no, it’s gone!’ I turned around in my truck, blocked traffic again, put it in my truck and brought it home.

Now, Stango is searching for the home this tree was meant for.

“It means something special, so that’s very…heartwarming,” he said. “That means a lot if you think about it, doesn’t it? It’s Christmas. Why not?”

By the looks of the tag, Stango says he believes the tree may have come from Uncle Al’s. He’s hoping a receipt can prove who the tree belongs to.

If he doesn’t find the owners, he says he’ll donate the tree.

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