Not writing out the full year ‘2020’ on checks could put your money in danger

Reporter: Therese O'Shea

It’s probably second nature abbreviating the year and in the past it might not have mattered, but in the year 2020 it could put your money in danger.

A major example of how scammers could steal your money is if you don’t write out 2020, scammers can easily change the date on a check you write out.

That means they could create an unpaid debt or try to cash an old check in your name.

Say you write a check on 1/3/20, that could easily be changed to 1/3/2021, which could make the uncashed check active again.

And if you think checks are an out of date form of payment, it’s not just checks that can be compromised. Any document you write a date on, like tax documents, medical forms, some of which even contain your kid’s personal data and private information.

The bottom line, you should write out 2020 on every check, every document, every time.

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