People lining up outside stores hoping to find supplies as they prepare for potential coronavirus impacts

Reporter: Morgan Rynor
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People wait in long lines at Costco. (WINK News)

Even though there is a sign by the entrance saying they’ve run out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and more, people still came, parked their cars and got in line hoping they might find what they need.

Sign of things Costco says they’re out of. (WINK News)

How many people? So many that the line stretched around the building Friday morning.

The long line of people waited patiently to make their way inside the Costco, just to wait some more.

“I personally have never seen a line this long in this Costco,” said Paul who was waiting.

Empty shelves, baskets full of water, crews continuously cleaning.

Peter told us he’s been coming here for years and has never seen anything like this. In fact, he says it’s the worst he’s seen by far, including during a hurricane.

Shoppers were wearing masks and gloves; one of them who is battling cancer, trying to get in and out as fast as possible.

But people aren’t finding what they came in for.

“No gasoline, paper, nothing,” said Rosemary. “I don’t see too much else to do. We’re certainly going to stay out of big crowds.”

Peter Rodgers was braving the line for his octopus and salmon.

“You can get hit going out of the parking lot,” he said. “So it’s like, eat a salad, have a peach, everybody chill out and we’ll be good.”

Just a few blocks away, more empty shelves at Publix. But the atmosphere was a complete 180. Not a single long line other than the one for Pub Subs.

As of around 4 p.m. Friday, the parking lot was still full but now you just have your average, Friday Costco fever.

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